May 4, 2022 9:00AM
Remote Teams Summit
Remote Teams Summit 2022; Remote online initiative Utah State University

Building Excellence in Remote Teams

The Remote Teams Summit is coming fast. At this unique gathering you will have the opportunity to network with other professionals who are also managing distributed teams. You’ll hear from experts about topics like:

• How to build excellence into your distributed team.
• Best techniques for motivating remote team members.
• The latest tools for management and communication, both synchronous and asynchronous.

The irony of having an in-person conference for people who work remotely is not lost on us. Sometimes, however, getting together in person to connect with people in similar situations can be eye-opening and liberating. Very quickly, you’ll find that you’re not alone; you’re part of an entire community of remote team leaders.

Your presence will add to the quality of the summit! Please join us!

Registration Cost: $98