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220 West Center Street, Suite 200, Provo UT, 84601
(801) 851-2200

Thank you for your interest in the Utah Valley Convention Center. We look forward to the opportunity to connect with you. We welcome comments, questions, and general feedback. Please fill out the form below and you will receive a response within 24 hours. (Please note: if your request is received on Friday after 5:00 p.m., on a weekend, or on a holiday, you will receive a response the next business day.)

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Administrative Staff

Man with brown hair in a dark suit with open collar white shirt.
Danny Wheeler
General Manager
Woman with blonde hair in a dark suit and polka dot red shirt.
Shanna Young
Director of Finance & Human Resources
Woman with blonde hair in a dark sweater and shirt
Maylene Kavanaugh
Office Manager
Woman with brown hair in a blue plaid shirt.
Jena Bailey
Administrative Assistant

Sales & Marketing Staff

Woman with dark brown hair in a blue suit and patterned shirt.
Suzanne Whitaker
Director of Sales & Marketing
National Associations and Consumer Shows
Woman with blonde hair wearing a patterned shirt and a black blazer.
Stephanie Snow
Senior Event Sales Manager
Blonde woman wearing a grey blazer.
Katie De Crescenzo
Senior Event Sales Manager
Special Events, Sporting Events, Non-Profits, Social, Government, Military, and Hobby
Woman with blonde hair wearing a lavender shirt and beige blazer.
Laekyn Pham
Event Sales Manager
State & Regional Associations, Education, Religious, and Fraternal
Man with dark hair wearing a black button-up.
Jose Chavez
Social Media & Marketing Coordinator

Event Staff

Woman with blonde hair in a maroon shirt.
Lisa Brindley
Senior Event Manager
Man with dark hair, light beard, glasses, wearing a white button up.
Kemper Owens
Event Manager
Blonde woman in a striped white shirt.
Valerie Skarda
Event Manager
Young woman with blonde curly hair and cashmere long sleeve shirt.
Andrea Simons
Event Manager
Man with goatee and brown hair with a blue polo.
James Ewell
Audio Visual Manager
Man with dark hair and a red beard in a dark blue polo.
Alex Russo
Director of Operations
Photo of a bald man with a beard wearing a blue polo.
Blake Brindley
Senior Facility Manager
Woman with blonde hair wearing a black vest over a dark blue shirt and loose black tie.
Aubrey Jeffreys
Operations Manager
woman with black hair wearing a pink blazer over a white shirt.
Andrea Curtis
Building Services Manager
man with short blonde hair and UVCC khaki colored polo shirt
Caleb Luker
Security Supervisor
Man with white hair in a light blue button up.
Michale Smith
Director of Food & Beverage
Woman with dark hair wearing a white shirt and grey sweater.
Misty Hysolli
Banquet Manager
Woman with blonde hair, glasses, a black blazer and white shirt.
Soya Leslie
Assistant Banquet Manager
Image of man with short dark hair in a white chef coat
Javier Aguirre
Executive Chef
Man with dark hair, beard, white shirt, blue and pink striped tie, and grey jacket
Stefen Huskinson
Food & Beverage Manager