Planning an Event

Whether you are planning a small meeting or banquet to a large convention, we’ve got you covered. Our professional event staff is here to work with you through the event planning process. Our team at the Utah Valley Convention Center will work with you on event flow, diagrams, catering options, and custom menus. Please let us know how we can help you, and if you have an idea let us know. We will do our best to make it come to life. Our life is events, we want it to show through in the quality of events that we host. Your success is our success, so let’s share in that!

Our first step is to put you in touch with one of our Sales Managers where they will try to identify all of your event needs. Many of the spaces in the facility are very different from others so we will try to find the spaces that will work best for your needs. When booking a space, keep in mind that when you provide catering for your event, it offers the ability to further discount your rental. The same works for Audio Visual needs. What can be identified up front will help in offsetting facility rental.   

Once we have found the right options for your event, then we are ready to reserve your space.  The UVCC does require a license agreement and a deposit for all events. 

Upon completion of an agreement and deposit, the event will be turned over to an event manager where he or she will work with you on the event logistics, from room sets to timing of every event function. Your event manager will also be on site during your event to assist with any additional needs and coordination.

Here are a few tips for getting the best deal.

If you need assistance accessing the content in this PDF, please contact the individual provided here: Receptionist, 801-851-2200,

Thank you for choosing the Utah Valley Convention Center to host your upcoming event. It is our pleasure to serve you and we are committed to assist you in creating the best event possible for your organization. We have constructed this guide as a resource in your event planning process. Please do not hesitate to contact your Event Manager with any questions you may have. TABLE OF CONTENTS General Information 3 Event Manager 3 General Information 3 Office Phone 3 Fax 3 Mailing Address 3 Payments 3 Directions to Facility 3 Client Event Check List 5 Event Insurance 6 Building Floor Plans 7 Level 1 - Exhibit Hall 7 Level 2 - Ballroom 8 Level 3 - Meeting Rooms 9 Policies and Procedures 10 Banners and Signage 10 Billing 10 Included in Your Rental Fee 10 Not Included in Your Rental Fee: 10 Decorations 11 Elevators & Escalators 11 Exhibit Hall Roll-up Doors 12 Fog/Smoke Machines 12 1 UVCC Event Management Guide UTAH VALLEY CONVENTION CENTER SPECTRA Food & Beverage 12 Food Samples 12 Helium Balloons 13 Housekeeping 13 Keys 13 Leaving the Facility Clean 13 Lighting 13 Loading Dock 14 Move-in and Move-out 14 Parking 14 Pyrotechnics 14 Rigging 15 Room Set Changes 15 Security 15 Shipments to the UVCC 15 Sound Levels 15 2 UVCC Event Management Guide UTAH VALLEY CONVENTION CENTER SPECTRA GENERAL INFORMATION EVENT MANAGER Once an event has been contracted, we transition each client to work with one of our experienced Event Managers. Your Event Manager will contact you within a week of signing your contract and identify themselves as your primary UVCC liaison before, during, and after your event. They will assist you with all the logistical planning within the facility and they are responsible for gathering all event information and disseminating that information to all UVCC departments. Please feel free to contact them with any questions you may have regarding your event. GENERAL INFORMATION The UVCC general office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Facility hours are dependent on the events that are taking place in the facility and will often change. Please note: Your Event Manager's office hours may not coincide with regular office hours due to events they work in the evenings and on weekends. OFFICE PHONE (801) 851-2200 FAX (801) 851-2220 MAILING ADDRESS Utah Valley Convention Center 220 West Center Street, Suite 200 Provo, UT 84601 PAYMENTS Payments can be made by check, credit card, direct deposit, or wire transfer. Please make all checks to Utah Valley Convention Center. Payments made by credit card may be assessed a 3% transaction fee, depending upon the size of the payment. Please talk with your Event Manager for more information. DIRECTIONS TO FACILITY By Car from Salt Lake City (Southbound) On Interstate 15 South, take Center Street Exit 265 toward Provo, proceed straight off the exit and bear left to go onto Center Street. The Convention Center will be on the left side of Center Street after you cross 300 West. By Car from St. George (Northbound) On Interstate 15 North toward Salt Lake, take Center Street Exit 265 toward Provo and proceed straight to go onto Center Street. The Convention Center will be on the left side of Center Street after you cross 300 West. 3 UVCC Event Management Guide UTAH VALLEY CONVENTION CENTER SPECTRA By Train The Utah Valley Convention Center is located on Freedom Blvd (200 West) in between Center Street and 100 North, just six blocks north of the FrontRunner Provo Central Station. Buses are available from Provo Central Station to the Utah Valley Convention Center. Please go to for routes and schedules. By Bus The Utah Valley Convention Center is located in Downtown Provo, which is accessible by many different bus lines. The UVCC is located directly on the routes of some of the main bus lines to Downtown Provo. Please go to for routes and schedules. 4 UVCC Event Management Guide UTAH VALLEY CONVENTION CENTER SPECTRA CLIENT EVENT CHECK LIST ACTION DEADLINE DUE DATE (Client to fill in due dates) Review Deposit Schedule and be aware of deposit due dates 2nd: date, 3rd: date, etc. Identify Any Potential Outside Service Suppliers to Event Manager (Meeting Planners, Decorator, AV, etc.) 2 months prior to event date Discuss Room Layout with Event Manager 2 months prior to event date Discuss AV Needs with Event Manager and/or Technology Manager 40 days prior to event date Discuss F&B Details with Event Manager 40 days prior to event date Request Building Staff for Your Event, if needed (Security, Box Office, Ushers, etc.) 40 days prior to event date Send Certificate of Insurance with Utah County and Global Spectrum, LP Listed as Additional Insureds (Or Request to Purchase Corporate Insurance) 30 days prior to event date Send TC-721 tax exemption form to Event Manager (for groups that are tax-exempt in the State of Utah) 30 days prior to event date Finalize Event Details with Event Manager 14 days prior to event date Review Final Estimate 14 days prior to event date Final Deposit Due 10 days prior to event date Send Completed Credit Card Authorization Form to Event Manager 10 days prior to event date Give Final Meal Numbers to Event Manager 5 days prior to event date Send Signed Event Resume to Event Manager 3 days prior to event date 5 UVCC Event Management Guide UTAH VALLEY CONVENTION CENTER SPECTRA EVENT INSURANCE Every event hosted at the Utah Valley Convention Center is required to have event insurance. We recommend going through your current provider or we can purchase it for you for $1.00 per event attendee. Below is the insurance information that was provided in your license agreement. Please send this verbiage to your insurance provider and they will create a certificate for your event. Insurance certificates should be emailed or faxed to your Event Manager. You can also mail it to the UVCC at their attention. Please note that the certificate must list Utah County, UT and Global Spectrum, LP as additional insureds. It is not sufficient for these groups to only be the certificate holders. If we have not received your insurance certificate within 10 days of your event, we will order insurance at the cost of $1.00 per person and will apply the charge to your final bill. After your event has ended, your Event Manager will adjust your insurance charge to match the number of event participants, whether that is more or less than expected. As presented in License Agreement under "IL General Terms and Conditions" 10. Insurance. A. Coverage. Licensee shall obtain, at its own cost and expense, with insurance companies currently rated A VIII or better by Best's Key Rating Guide, commercial general liability insurance that insures all operations of Licensee contemplated by this Agreement. Such insurance shall name Global Spectrum, L.P. and Utah County, Utah, as additional insureds. Such insurance shall be written with a limit of at least One Million Dollars ($1,000,000) per occurrence combined single limit for bodily injury, property damage and personal injury. Licensee shall also maintain, at its own cost and expense, with insurance companies currently rated A VIII or better by Best's Key Rating Guide, commercial automobile liability insurance, including coverage for the operation of owned, leased, hired and non-owned vehicles, in the minimum amount of Five Hundred Thousand Dollars ($500,000) per accident (PI and PD combined single limit). Such commercial general liability insurance shall be primary to and not contributory with any insurance coverage or self-insured program of Licensor. Licensee shall also maintain, at its own cost and expense, workers' compensation insurance in respect of all employees and any borrowed, leased or other person to whom such compensation may be payable by Licensee. B. Certificates. Certificates evidencing insurance required pursuant to this Section 10 shall be provided to Licensor not less than thirty (30) days prior to commencement of the Term, provided that if this Agreement is executed and delivered less than thirty (30) days prior to the Term, the certificates shall be provided immediately upon execution of this Agreement. The policies shall also provide, and the certificate shall so note, that the coverages may not be canceled or that a major change in coverage may not be implemented without at least thirty (30) days' prior written notice given to Licensor. 6 UVCC Event Management Guide UVCC Event Management Guide UTAH VALLEY CONVENTION CENTER SPECTRA CONCESSIONS LOADING DOCK 1 1 el 1 - Exhibit Halls -C 0 = 0 a EXHIBIT HALL A 6.905 SF EXHIBIT HALL B 6,905 SF EXHIBIT HALL C 5.810 SF 0 E=1 0 NORTI-t PRE-FUN z ILEVAT011s LEVELS I TO 3 EAST PRE-FUNCTION 11e11111111 I I 22, Space Sq. Ft. Banquet Theater Classroom Crescents 10x10 NORTH Exhibit Halls A-C 19,620 1,500 2,790 1,800 1,080 100 Exhibit Hall A 6,905 500 1,082 663 600 37 Exhibit Hall B 6,905 500 1,102 702 600 36 Exhibit Hall C 5,810 400 882 528 500 27 Exhibit Hall A Expanded 10,370 800 1,452 1,068 540 55 Exhibit Hall C Expanded 9,250 700 1,228 900 480 45 Utah Valley Convention Center • 220 W. Center St., UT 84601 • 801-851-2200 TIVH ,LIEIIHXH - T IHATI SNIrld 11001A DNICLIMEL gc z s< Z > mr z M VUID3dS UVCC Event Management Guide UTAH VALLEY CONVENTION CENTER SPECTRA Level 2 - Ballrooms 1111111111111111111111111 Space Sq. Ft. Banquet Theater Classroom Crescents 10x10 Grand Ballrooms A-C 16,894 1,300 2,474 1,524 936 83 Grand Ballroom A 5,420 400 792 480 288 28 Grand Ballroom B 5,724 400 825 528 288 31 Grand Ballroom C 5,750 400 835 540 288 31 Utah Valley Convention Center • 220 W. Center St., UT 84601 • 801-851-2200 1A10011TIVE - Z 'flATI • VUID3dS UVCC Event Management Guide UTAH VALLEY CONVENTION CENTER SPECTRA Level 3 - Meeting Rooms CASCADE E 1.735 SF SOLDIER CREEK 927 SF RATTLE CREEK 541 SF LEI CASCADE D 1.768 SF CASCADE C 1.713 SF CASCADE A 817 SF CASCADE B 829 JISF J—L J—IttvATORS .41 LEVELS I To 3 VI EAST PRE-FUNCTION z O 7 41. TIMPANOG TERRACE 5.553 SF o E E os.« U a Space Sq. Ft. Banquet Theater Class Crescent Space Sq. Ft. Banquet Theater Class Crescent Cascade A-E 6,862 500 916 540 360 Hobble Creek 519 30 72 30 24 Cascade A 817 50 98 54 36 Silver Creek 519 30 72 30 24 Cascade B 829 50 98 54 36 Battle Creek 541 30 81 30 24 Cascade C 1,713 100 240 144 72 Soldier Creek 927 60 131 72 36 Cascade D 1,768 100 240 144 72 Boardroom 663 Seating for 24 Cascade E 1,735 100 240 144 72 Timpanogos Cascade ABC 3,359 250 436 252 144 Terrace 5,553 250 Standing 999 Cascade DE 3,503 250 480 288 144 Utah Valley Convention Center • 220 W. Center St., UT 84601 • 801-851-2200 SIA10011 9NILLTEil - E 'HARI • VUID3dS UTAH VALLEY CONVENTION CENTER SPECTRA POLICIES AND PROCEDURES We have developed these policies and procedures to ensure that your event will be as safe and successful as possible. Not all situations will be covered in this guide and may need special consideration by management. Any questions regarding policies and procedures not included here can be directed to your Event Manager. We are also glad to clarify any of the enclosed information. BANNERS AND SIGNAGE To keep each group's event separate and special, banners, signs, pictures, notices, or advertisements may only be placed in locations and by methods approved in advance by the UVCC. Location is generally limited to the area immediately surrounding or in the room(s) under contract. BILLING For your convenience and clarification, an Event Invoice summarizing rent, additional charges, and any credits is prepared for you well before your event. Your final payment is due ten days before your event. INCLUDED IN YOUR RENTAL FEE • General room lighting, heat, and air conditioning on event days • One standard meeting room set (e.g. theater, classroom, or banquet) per event day • Equipment provided will be limited to inventory on hand and availability • Public Wi-Fi • Water coolers for attendees (not in Exhibit Hall) • White or black table linens for banquet events and centerpieces • Daily housekeeping (Excessive cleaning may have an additional cost) NOT INCLUDED IN YOUR RENTAL FEE: • Electrical service • Telecommunications service • Catering service • Audio Visual equipment and dedicated labor • Compressed air, natural gas, water, and drainage service • Janitorial and cleaning (if not considered daily housekeeping) • Trash haul fees • Insurance • Security or Police services • Emergency Medical services • Damages to the Center or to equipment • Non-inventory equipment rental • Key and lock services • Coat check services 10 UVCC Event Management Guide UTAH VALLEY CONVENTION CENTER SPECTRA DECORATIONS The method and location of special installations must be approved in advance by your Event Manager. Final approval will be determined after consideration of other building tenants occupying the space at the same time. Setup and takedown of all decorations must be accomplished within the contracted dates and times. Decoration guidelines include the following: • No decorations of any kind may be taped, nailed, tacked, or otherwise fastened to ceilings, painted surfaces, columns, walls, or windows. • Posters must be mounted on easels and/or individual holders. Also, no posters, playbills, or any other signage can be taped, stapled, or affixed to any surface in the building. All signage must be of a printed nature and meet with the approval of the management. Handwritten signs are prohibited. At move-out, all posted signage must be removed by the service contractor and/or Licensee. Any materials left in the building will be disposed of. • Decorations may not block doors, fire extinguishers, sprinklers, emergency equipment signage, emergency exits, or lighting systems. • Permanent installations in common spaces, such as way-finding signage, may not be blocked. • All decorating materials must be constructed of flameproof material or treated with an approved fire retardant solution. Spot testing may be performed by the Provo City Fire Marshall. • Adhesive-backed decals or stickers are not allowed, nor they may be distributed anywhere on the premises. • Confetti or confetti-type items may not be used in the building. This includes: glitter, streamers, artificial snow, cut paper, party poppers, etc. • Only UVCC personnel may move planters, furniture, and other UVCC equipment in the public areas. • All pools, decorative fountains, etc. must be waterproofed and may be tested by the UVCC Engineer prior to installation. • Because of our high ceilings, helium balloons are prohibited in the UVCC. If any balloons are brought into the facility and require retrieval by the UVCC staff, an hourly $75 scissor lift removal fee will be charged. • The Licensee will be responsible for removal and clean-up of all decorating materials. If you have any questions regarding the above guidelines, please speak with your Event Manager. ELEVATORS & ESCALATORS The UVCC has two service elevators for transportation of freight, materials, and equipment. Public elevators and escalators are for passengers only, and may not be used to transport freight, hand trucks, equipment dollies, or any other items that may cause cosmetic or other damage. Conversely, the service elevators are only for transportation of freight, materials, and equipment. The dimensions of these elevators are: door height: 96"; door width: 54"; elevator depth: 102"; elevator width: 66"; and elevator height: 108". The maximum allowable weight in these elevators is 5,000 lbs. Any large items that do not fit into our service elevators can be walked up the escalators in the off position. 11 UVCC Event Management Guide UTAH VALLEY CONVENTION CENTER SPECTRA There are four public elevators in the UVCC. The two elevators on the south end of the facility access all levels of the building, including the corporate offices on level 1M. The two elevators on the north end of the facility only access levels 1 and 2. The UVCC has two escalators, from level 1 to level 2 and from level 2 to level 3. The appropriate escalator(s) will be activated for your event upon facility opening and turned off at the end of your event. As a LEED Silver facility, we try to conserve energy when possible. In an effort to accomplish this, during smaller events we may only have escalators on during the arrival of guests, during breaks, lunches and the end of the event and powered down during times meetings are taking place. Event Management will inform the Licensee if this would be the schedule during an event. EXHIBIT HALL ROLL-UP DOORS Each Exhibit Hall has a roll-up door on the west side of the room that leads into the service corridor and to the dock. • Exhibit Hall A door dimensions: 12' wide x 16' high • Exhibit Hall B door dimensions: 8' wide x 10' high • Exhibit Hall C door dimensions: 8' wide x 10' high FOG/SMOKE MACHINES For public safety, fog machine or smoke machine usage is restricted to water-based solutions. Approval must be obtained from the UVCC and the Provo City Fire Marshal. To run these machines, the facility alarms must be silenced. An hourly fee for a Fire Watch attendant to monitor the alarm panel will be charged to the Licensee at the prevailing rate. FOOD & BEVERAGE For obvious public health reasons and quality control, food and beverage services, including the Center Street Café, are provided exclusively by the UVCC. The UVCC is capable to provide banquet service, snacks, beverage service, and concessions. No outside food/beverage is allowed into the UVCC. Catering orders are due 21 days prior to an event. The final guarantee of the number of meals to be ordered is due five days prior to the event. Additional food can be ordered after the five day guarantee is given, but additional orders are assessed a 15% additional fee. FOOD SAMPLES Food and beverage samples may not be greater than two ounces and must be manufactured, processed, or distributed by an exhibiting firm and must be related to participation in the event. All Food and Beverage samples must first be approved by Event Management by submitting a Food Sample Request form to the Event Manager. (Contact your Event Manager or see the UVCC website for this form.) 12 UVCC Event Management Guide UTAH VALLEY CONVENTION CENTER SPECTRA For public health reasons, restrooms may not be used as exhibitor clean-up areas. Costs associated with the disposal of trash, waste, grease, etc. from exhibitor sampling are the responsibility of the Licensee. Securing of all necessary licenses, permits, etc. is the responsibility of the exhibitor and/or Licensee. Exhibitors are responsible for complying with all Provo and Utah County Health Department regulations regarding food sampling, storage, equipment, temperature, etc. If they are not in compliance or do not obtain the proper permits, the Health Department may shut down their booth. HELIUM BALLOONS Because of the high ceilings in our pre-function spaces, helium balloons are not allowed inside the facility. If any balloons are brought into the facility and require retrieval by the UVCC staff, an hourly $75 scissor lift removal fee will be charged. HOUSEKEEPING Convention Center personnel will clean all public access areas, which include lobbies, hallways, rest rooms, meeting rooms, association offices, and registration areas (if requested). These services are included in the Contract Fee and are provided at no extra cost to the Licensee. The Convention Center will remove light trash during move-in and move-out hours. The Licensee is responsible for arranging removal of bulk trash, crates, pallets, packing material and any other excessive trash. Licensee will be held responsible for any cleaning or costs associated with an unusual amount of dirt, debris, oil or grease. The UVCC is responsible for ensuring that their General Service Contractors and subcontractors maintain a clean and safe working environment. KEYS Talk with your Event Manager if you need to check out a key to your event space. Keys issued to the Licensee must be returned upon completion of the event. The following charges may apply: • Lost Key- $50.00 • Re-core lock- $100.00 LEAVING THE FACILITY CLEAN Your event space will be delivered as specified in the License Agreement and Event Resume. The space will be clean upon move-in. It is the responsibility of the Licensee to return the space to its original condition. If extreme cleaning is necessary to bring the space back to its original condition, an hourly cleaning fee of $20 per hour will be charged. LIGHTING Rental includes lighting in public concourse areas and meeting rooms during move-in, event, and move-out. During move-in and move-out, lighting will be on at fifty percent. One hundred percent 13 UVCC Event Management Guide UTAH VALLEY CONVENTION CENTER SPECTRA lighting will be provided sixty minutes prior to your event or when your attendees begin to arrive. This energy conservation policy helps control our utility costs. LOADING DOCK Parking is strictly prohibited in all loading dock areas. The dock area is for unloading, loading, deliveries, and emergencies only. All vehicles in violation will be towed, without notice at the owner's expense. Licensee, exhibitor, and attendee parking is available in surface parking lots and adjacent garages. The dimensions of the drive-up dock bay are 12' wide x 16' tall. MOVE-IN AND MOVE-OUT All labor requirements for exhibitor move-in and move-out and set-up of exhibit display areas shall be the sole responsibility of the event organizer at their cost and expense. All move-in and move-out of exhibits must be through designated loading docks, freight doors and freight elevators. The main lobbies, exhibit hall doors, escalators and passenger elevators are not to be used for this purpose. Exhibitors should verify, with show management, all show security arrangements and times for move-in and move-out to avoid challenges with unattended equipment and materials. No forklifts, truck trailers, etc., are to be stored or left before or after the Contract Period for any Events without written authorization from the Facility Manager. PARKING A current parking map of areas surrounding the UVCC is available at PYROTECHNICS Any contractor that intends to use pyrotechnics in the facility shall hold a valid federal license issued by the U.S. Department of the Treasury - Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, for the use of "low explosives." A complete description of the pyrotechnic activity shall be prepared and submitted to the facility thirty days in advance of the event and include the following information: • Permit from Provo City Fire Department. • Plots showing exact location, type, and number of devices. • Protective materials and equipment for activity. • Location and number of fire extinguishers for activity. • Schedule of activities, number of certified pyrotechnic operators, and their locations. • Schedule for pre-show pyrotechnic test to be conducted in the presence of a Provo City Fire Marshal. The pyrotechnic contractor shall provide a certificate of insurance to the Event Manager naming Global Spectrum and Utah County as additional insureds to their liability insurance policy (see previous section titled "Event Insurance". In addition to the above requirements the contractor must be licensed by the State of Utah. 14 UVCC Event Management Guide UTAH VALLEY CONVENTION CENTER SPECTRA RIGGING For public safety reasons, UVCC management must approve and schedule all rigging functions. The UVCC Technology Manager will coordinate rigging with the Licensee. All rigging in the UVCC shall be in accordance with all national, state, and local safety codes, including, but not limited to: OSHA, BOCA, and UVCC policy. There are no rigging capabilities in the third floor meeting rooms. Any truss systems must be ground supported. ROOM SET CHANGES As one of our services, ballrooms, meeting rooms, and exhibition halls shall be arranged in theater, classroom, conference, banquet, or reception style one time per event day. During an event day, any requested changes to the previously approved set will incur an additional charge, based on costs associated with required labor. SECURITY The UVCC may require minimum levels of security coverage in any licensed space and other areas (i.e.: loading docks, box office, parking lots, etc.). The UVCC also may require security during move-in and move-out to monitor traffic flow on the dock and freight elevators in an effort to ensure a safe working environment. Event security requirements are subject to UVCC approval and must be submitted 30 days prior to your event. UVCC in-house security reserves final rights to admit access of any personnel to any UVCC space. For better client service, guards check in thirty minutes early for assignment and briefing. The prevailing rate per hour will be charged, per guard with a four hour minimum. The UVCC is not responsible for any items left in the building after an event has moved out. SHIPMENTS TO THE UVCC Due to limited on-site receiving and storage services ("drayage"), Utah Valley Convention Center has an agreement with a local company to provide these services for its clients and vendors. Licensees should contact their Event Manager to arrange this service. Vendors should contact the drayage provider directly for pricing and other information. The Convention Center will not allow or accept freight shipments for the client, its contractors, exhibitors or speakers, without approval from Event Management. Licensee is responsible for handling and storage of all freight shipments. Upon request, Event Manager can supply a list of local preferred decorators who are familiar with the UVCC. It is the responsibility of the client to make arrangements for storage of all crates and packing material. Crates may only be stored in areas approved by UVCC Management. The UVCC is not liable for any damages, losses or security surveillance for storage of crates. Licensee is responsible for coordinating the move-in and move-out procedures, schedules and logistics of the event with their Event Manager. SOUND LEVELS 15 UVCC Event Management Guide UTAH VALLEY CONVENTION CENTER SPECTRA Maintaining sound levels will make sure that you do not to disturb nor interrupt other events. UVCC Management reserves the right to require sound levels to be lowered. As presented in License Agreement under "IL General Terms and Conditions" 13. Use of the Premises: D. Other Events. Licensee acknowledges that other events or activities may be scheduled within the Center during the Term in areas other than the Premises. Licensee acknowledges that the public parking areas surrounding the Center are not exclusive to or for the Event contemplated by this Agreement. Licensee agrees to adhere to a "good neighbor" policy and will not permit or allow to be permitted, any activity in the Premises that will disturb use of other areas of the Center by any other individual, entity, organization or event. 16 UVCC Event Management Guide

Event Management Guide