Meet Our Staff

Administrative Staff

Man with brown hair in a dark suit with open collar white shirt.
Danny Wheeler
General Manager
Woman with blonde hair in a dark suit and polka dot red shirt.
Shanna Young
Director of Finance & Human Resources
Woman with blonde hair in a dark sweater and shirt
Maylene Kavanaugh
Office Manager
Woman with brown hair in a blue plaid shirt.
Jena Bailey
Administrative Assistant

Sales & Marketing Staff

Woman with dark brown hair in a blue suit and patterned shirt.
Suzanne Whitaker
Director of Sales & Marketing
National Associations and Consumer Shows
Woman with blonde hair wearing a patterned shirt and a black blazer.
Stephanie Snow
Senior Event Sales Manager
Blonde woman wearing a grey blazer.
Katie De Crescenzo
Senior Event Sales Manager
Special Events, Sporting Events, Non-Profits, Social, Government, Military, and Hobby
Woman with blonde hair wearing a lavender shirt and beige blazer.
Laekyn Pham
Event Sales Manager
State & Regional Associations, Education, Religious, and Fraternal
Man with dark hair wearing a black button-up.
Jose Chavez
Social Media & Marketing Coordinator

Event Staff

Woman with blonde hair in a maroon shirt.
Lisa Brindley
Senior Event Manager
Man with dark hair, light beard, glasses, wearing a white button up.
Kemper Owens
Event Manager
Blonde woman in a striped white shirt.
Valerie Skarda
Event Manager
Young woman with blonde curly hair and cashmere long sleeve shirt.
Andrea Simons
Event Manager
Man with goatee and brown hair with a blue polo.
James Ewell
Audio Visual Manager
Man with dark hair and a red beard in a dark blue polo.
Alex Russo
Director of Operations
Photo of a bald man with a beard wearing a blue polo.
Blake Brindley
Senior Facility Manager
Woman with blonde hair wearing a black vest over a dark blue shirt and loose black tie.
Aubrey Jeffreys
Operations Manager
woman with black hair wearing a pink blazer over a white shirt.
Andrea Curtis
Building Services Manager
man with short blonde hair and UVCC khaki colored polo shirt
Caleb Luker
Security Supervisor
Man with white hair in a light blue button up.
Michale Smith
Director of Food & Beverage
Woman with dark hair wearing a white shirt and grey sweater.
Misty Hysolli
Banquet Manager
Woman with blonde hair, glasses, a black blazer and white shirt.
Soya Leslie
Assistant Banquet Manager
Image of man with short dark hair in a white chef coat
Javier Aguirre
Executive Chef
Man with dark hair, beard, white shirt, blue and pink striped tie, and grey jacket
Stefen Huskinson
Food & Beverage Manager