Parking & Directions

Parking Locations

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  • 1. Freedom Lot

    225 North Freedom Boulevard/200 West


    Surface Parking

    391 spaces

  • 2. Freedom Commons

    165 West 200 North

    $2/hr, $12 max

    Parking Garage, Level 1-8'-2" clearance; Levels 2 and up-7' clearance

    282 Spaces

  • 3. UVCC Lot

    250 West 100 North


    Surface Parking

    20 Spaces

  • 4. Provo Marriott

    70 North 100 West

    Non-hotel Guests: $6 for the first two hours and $2 per additional hour. Maximum $25 per day or overnight

    Hotel Guests: Free

    Parking Garage, 6'-6" Clearance

    120 Spaces

  • 5. Provo Town Square

    60 North 100 West

    $2 per day-top level, unmarked

    Parking Garage, 7'-0" Clearance

    62 Spaces

  • 6. Nu Skin Building

    140 West 100 South

    Free, Available after 5:00 pm and on weekends

    Parking Garage, 8'-0" Clearance

    369 Spaces

  • 7. NuSkin Lot

    257 West 100 South

    Free, Available after 5:00 pm and on weekends

    Surface Parking

    127 Spaces

  • 8. Wells Fargo Center

    65 East 100 North


    Parking Garage, 7'-8" Clearance

    412 Spaces

  • 9. Covey Center

    400 West 100 South


    Surface Parking

    51 Spaces

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WAYS TO GET TO UTAH Valley Convention Center

Man riding on moving walkway at an airport. "Hey, Chasten here and we're going to show you how to get to Provo from Salt Lake City Airport using UTA's Frontrunner commuting train. Same man outside by curb of road. "First you want to head to the airport's light rail system which is located on the south end of Terminal 1." Images of airport transit signs. "There are plenty of signs that will direct you there." Same man by ticket machines, using the screen to buy a ticket. "So, once you've made it to the light rail system, you can buy your tickets right here at these machines. So, buying a train ticket is pretty easy. Just tap here, choose Frontrunner, One way. Either full fare or reduced fare. You want to find 'North Temple' and then 'Provo Central.' insert your credit card and then your ticket will pop right out." View of train map. "So, this map shows we're taking the train from the Airport to this station right here and then taking the Frontrunner all the way down to Provo." Same man standing outside by the train map. "So the whole trip takes an hour fifteen minutes to two hours, so plan accordingly." Same man standing on train platform. "To find out your next arrival time, just check out these signs right above the station." Light rail train arriving at station. Man standing by train and pressing button to open train door. "So, to get on the train, just press this green button right here." Man enters train with small suitcase. Views of man sitting and standing on train. "Once you're on the train, take a seat or stand and ride until you reach the North Temple/Guadalupe Station. Man exiting train and walking away from it, crossing the tracks, and going down an escalator. "Exit the train and head to the west end of the station.across the train tracks, and take the escalators down to the North Temple Frontrunner Station." Man standing on train platform, talking to camera. "So, you want to make sure to take the southbound train, which is on the east side of the tracks. Otherwise you may end up in Idaho!" Train arrives at platform. Same man talks to camera. "So, it's here!" Man boards train, walks down the stairs and then appears to be sleeping in his chair. View of Provo City from inside the train. "Frontrunner trains are really nice, with plenty of comfortable seating and free Wi-Fi. Enjoy the views until you reach the Provo Station, which is the last Frontrunner station." Man on train platform, excitedly raising hands in to the air. "See, we made it!" Man on platform sitting down. "So, the next time you ride, we have a few tips for you. Tip number 1, remember there's no service on Sundays. Man standing by ticket kiosk. "Tip number 2, if you're traveling with two to four people you can buy the group pass, which costs fifteen dollars, and it's good for UTA, Frontrunner, and bus systems. Man standing outside by bus. "Tip number 3, once you leave the station, you can take a bus that leads you all around town. And tip number 4, to discover about hotels, attractions, and restaurants in Provo, check out our website," Man points to digital image of website address. "Thanks for watching!' Man talks to camera and walks off towards the parking lot.