Celebrating 10-Years Serving the Downtown Provo Community ~ 2012-2022
Aerial view of the Convention Center northeast direction.

The mission of the Utah Valley Convention Center is to enhance and maintain an economic impact to Utah County by booking and hosting events in a professionally managed, eco-friendly LEED Silver facility. By building relationships with industry professionals and meeting planners, we will strive to create lasting impressions and exceed expectations. 

Lively music playing. Aerial views of all sides of the Convention Center, followed by quick images of different people, food, and activities at different events. Man riding bicycle through the ballroom with large foam cowboy hat on. Close up of an individual slicing breaded meat on a cutting board. A server delivering a plate to a round banquet table of business associates. 83,578 square feet of combined meeting space. Views of the building's lobby areas. More than 1,300 hotel rooms in the Provo area. Complimentary Wi-Fi. More than 30 restaurants in walking distance. First Floor Exhibit Hall. 19,620 square feet. View of the empty Exhibit Hall. First Floor Exhibit Hall. 19,620 square feet. Views of the hall filled with rows of chairs. hall filled with round banquet tables and elaborate table decorations. A view of a performer on the stage with a colorful backdrop.First Floor Exhibit Hall, divisible into three sections. An image of a tradeshow with vendor booths of different companies and attendees milling around. A man talking to a large crowd from the stage. View of the empty Ballroom. Second Floor Ballroom 16,894 square feet. The ballroom filled with round banquet tables, many guests eating, and a large stage with tall, white columns on it. One section of the ballroom with exhibitors along the perimeter of the room and attendees talking with them. Second Floor Ballroom, divisible into three sections. View of a ballroom section with a man on a stage talking to a large group of people seated in chairs with two large screens on each side of the stage. View from above of a man riding up the escalator while looking at his cell phone. Third Floor Meeting Rooms 10,000 square feet. View of a woman talking to a a small group of people seated at rows of narrow brown tables. View of a man talking to a a small group of people seated at rows of narrow brown tables. View of larger room with a stage with a lectern on top of it, a gray backdrop behind it, and a large screen on each side. Third Floor Meeting Rooms, divisible into up to ten rooms. View of a man talking to a a small group of people seated at rows of narrow brown tables. Executive Board Room. View of room with white and wooden walls, black chairs along the wall, TV on the wall, and large, wooden table in the middle of the room with white leather chairs at the table. Full Service Catering. Chef chopping squash on a large cutting board. Chef cooking vegetables in small pan on a large stove top with flames around pan. Chef putting food into an oven. Chef grilling large steaks on grill. Chef placing a garnish on a plated dish. Chef pouring sauce on a plated dish. Timpanogos Terrace. View of north side of Convention Center, showing a rooftop garden terrace with planter beds around the edges, open areas and an overhang in the middle. Timpanogos Terrace 5,553 square feet. Picture of people eating at round banquet tables on the terrace in the sunshine. Picture of a bride and groom being married. Mountain Views. Image of the lobby windows with view of the mountain behind. Aerial view of the convention center with large mountain landscape in the nearby east. Ascending the escalator with sunshine coming through the windows. On-site Audio Visual Services. Man and women getting their picture taken by a photographer at a photo op outside of the banquet hall. Man speaking to a crowd on top of a stage. On-site Trade Show Decorator Services. Time lapse view of carpet being laid down in the Exhibit Hall. Vendors standing at multiple booths selling their products. Alligator in an enclosed pool with children looking at it through the protective acrylic surrounding it. View of bright, open lobby. Attendee talking to a trade show exhibit. Attendees relaxing and eating at a reception with a violinist playing nearby. View of the lobbies outside the ballroom and the exhibit hall. Image of a plated dish with beef, potatoes, and vegetables. Image of a plated dish with pork and vegetables. A chef in a white coat and tall white hat arranging food for presentation on a table. Arial view of the convention center's outer wall of windows along 200 West street.