Keeping Attendees Engaged During Your Meeting: A Guide for Event Success

The Utah Valley Convention Center (UVCC) understands the importance of fostering productive and engaging meetings. Whether you’re hosting a small board meeting or a large-scale conference, keeping your attendees tuned in can be a challenge. After all, distractions abound in today’s hyper-connected world. But fear not! This comprehensive guide offers a treasure trove of tactics to ensure your next event at UVCC is a captivating experience for all.

Planning for Engagement: Setting the Stage for Success

Long before attendees arrive at UVCC’s modern and versatile facilities, the seeds of engagement can be sown. Articulate a concise and compelling meeting objective in all your communications. Let attendees know what they will gain by participating. Develop a clear agenda that outlines the flow of information and includes specific timings for each segment. Consider sharing the agenda beforehand, allowing attendees to come prepared

Meeting Magic: Techniques to Keep Your Audience Captivated

Now that you’ve laid the groundwork, it’s time to translate your pre-meeting efforts into an engaging event. UVCC’s flexible meeting spaces allow you to implement these strategies seamlessly:

  • Variety is the Spice of Engagement: People get bored with long talks! Mix things up to keep them interested. Break up presentations with interactive activities, group discussions, case studies, or even short video clips. This not only keeps the energy high but also caters to different learning styles.
  • Embrace Audience Participation: Don’t just talk at your attendees, talk with them! Pose thought-provoking questions, incorporate breakout sessions for brainstorming, or use audience response systems to solicit real-time feedback. UVCC’s comfortable seating arrangements and collaborative spaces facilitate these interactions.
  • Visual Appeal is Key: Supplement your presentation with captivating visuals. Infographics, charts, and high-quality images and videos can enhance understanding and retention. Take advantage of UVCC’s high-definition projection systems to ensure everyone can see the details clearly.
  • Storytelling Power: Facts and figures are important, but stories resonate. Weave relatable anecdotes, case studies, or success stories into your presentation. This personal touch will grab attention and make your message more impactful.
  • Humor Me: A well-placed joke or lighthearted anecdote can go a long way in keeping the mood positive and attendees engaged. However, avoid humor that might be offensive or exclude certain demographics.


Optimizing Your Meeting Space at UVCC

UVCC doesn’t just provide a venue; it empowers you to create a truly engaging environment. Here are a few ways to leverage the space itself:

  • Strategic Seating: Opt for arrangements that encourage interaction, such as round tables or classroom tables. UVCC offers a plethora of seating configurations to suit your specific needs.
  • Natural Light Matters: Studies show access to natural light enhances focus and alertness. Many of UVCC’s meeting spaces boast large windows, allowing attendees to benefit from natural light’s positive effects. You can also utilize the UVCC’s rooftop Timpanogos Terrace for a meal or break service or even for a meeting session.
  • Temperature Control: An uncomfortably hot or cold environment can quickly zap attendees’ energy. UVCC’s sophisticated climate control systems ensure a comfortable and consistent temperature throughout your event.


Engaged Attendees, Successful Meetings: A Winning Formula

By implementing these strategies and capitalizing on UVCC’s exceptional facilities, you can ensure your next meeting is brimming with engagement and productivity. Remember, an engaged audience is an audience that retains information, collaborates effectively, and walks away feeling the meeting was a worthwhile investment of their time.

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Keeping the Momentum Going: Post-Meeting Engagement Strategies

A successful meeting doesn’t end when the final presentation concludes. Here are some strategies to extend the engagement beyond the walls of UVCC:

  • Post-Meeting Follow-Up: Send a concise email summarizing key takeaways, action items, and any resources shared during the meeting. Encourage attendees to stay connected by including links to relevant online materials or a collaborative workspace platform.
  • Social Media Recap: Share key points and highlights from the meeting on social media using the designated event hashtag. Post photos and videos to capture the event’s energy and encourage attendees to share their own experiences.
  • Survey for Feedback: Gather valuable insights by sending out a short post-meeting survey. Ask attendees about their experience, the level of engagement, and any suggestions for improvement. This feedback will be instrumental in planning even more successful meetings in the future.
  • Continued Collaboration: If your meeting aimed to address an ongoing project or initiative, leverage online collaboration tools to keep the momentum going. Platforms like shared documents, project management software, and communication channels can facilitate ongoing discussions and ensure everyone stays on the same page.

By implementing these post-meeting strategies, you ensure the valuable discussions and connections fostered at UVCC continue to bear fruit long after the event concludes.

Conclusion: The UVCC Advantage

The Utah Valley Convention Center (UVCC) understands that a successful meeting hinges on attendee engagement. We go beyond simply providing a venue; we offer a comprehensive solution to create a dynamic and interactive event experience. From our state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge technology to our experienced event staff and commitment to exceptional service, UVCC empowers you to craft a meeting that is not only productive but truly unforgettable.

Ready to transform your next meeting into an engaging masterpiece? Contact UVCC today! We look forward to partnering with you to create a successful and impactful event.

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