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Hosting and Planning a Corporate Holiday Party: A Guide for Building Team Spirit

The holiday season is a time for joy, celebration, and expressing gratitude. As an HR department or team leader, you have the fantastic opportunity to create a memorable experience for your colleagues by hosting a corporate holiday party. This event fosters team spirit, strengthens relationships, and shows appreciation for everyone’s hard work throughout the year. But planning a successful corporate holiday party requires careful consideration and organization. Fear not! This comprehensive guide will walk you through every step of the process, ensuring your party is a festive and fun-filled event everyone will enjoy.

Hosting a Corporate Holiday Party

Setting the Stage: Budget, Dates, and Inclusivity

  • Budgeting for Fun: Before diving headfirst into party planning, establish a realistic budget. Consider what your company can comfortably allocate and prioritize spending based on guest count, venue rental, catering, decorations, and entertainment.
  • Scheduling Savvy: Pick a date and time that works for most employees. Avoid scheduling during peak holiday travel times or religious holidays. Consider a weekend evening or a weekday after work hours to maximize attendance.
  • Inclusivity is Key: Remember, the holiday season embraces a variety of traditions and beliefs. Opt for a general winter wonderland theme or a year-end celebration to ensure everyone feels welcome.

Finding the Perfect Venue: Location, Location, Location

The venue significantly impacts the overall atmosphere of your party. Here are some key factors to consider:

  • Size Matters: Choose a space that comfortably accommodates your expected guest count. Don’t forget to factor in space for catering stations, a dance floor (if applicable), and areas for socializing.
  • Location, Location, Location: Consider a venue that’s easily accessible for most employees. Ample parking or convenient public transportation options are a plus. The Utah Valley Convention Center boasts a central location in Utah County, with spacious halls and nearby parking, making it a perfect choice for companies throughout the region.
  • Venue Amenities: Explore venues that offer catering services or partnerships with local restaurants. Inquire about audio/visual equipment rentals, stage availability (if you plan on having entertainment), and accessibility features for guests with disabilities.

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Delectable Delights: Food and Beverage Planning

Food and drinks are a cornerstone of any successful party. Here are some tips for catering to diverse tastes and needs:

  • Dietary Diversity: Accommodate a variety of dietary restrictions by offering vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. Consider including signage with ingredient lists to avoid any allergen concerns.
  • Festive Feasts: Incorporate seasonal dishes and beverages wherever possible. Offer themed cocktails or mocktails alongside classic refreshments.
  • Sweet Treats: Don’t forget dessert! A beautifully decorated dessert table with cookies, pies, or cakes adds a touch of festivity.


Festive Fun and Entertainment: Activities for All

Plan engaging activities to keep the party lively and encourage interaction amongst colleagues. Here are some ideas to spark your creativity:

  • Games Galore: Set up classic games like board games, a photo booth with fun props, or even a holiday-themed trivia contest.
  • Live Entertainment: Consider hiring a live band, DJ, or a comedian to add some excitement to the evening.
  • Giving Back Together: Incorporate a charitable element by collecting donations for a local cause or organizing a volunteer activity during the party.


Spreading Holiday Cheer: Decorations and Ambiance

The right decorations set the mood for your party. Here’s how to create a festive atmosphere:

  • Thematic Touches: Choose decorations that complement your chosen theme, whether it’s a winter wonderland, a festive lights extravaganza, or a cozy holiday atmosphere.
  • Lighting the Way: Warm lighting creates a more inviting environment. Fairy lights, strategically placed lamps, and candles (with proper safety measures) can add a touch of magic.
  • Festive Music: Create a festive playlist featuring classic holiday music or upbeat party tunes to get everyone in the holiday spirit.


The Final Touches: Communication and Post-Party Follow-Up

  • Save the Date: Once you’ve finalized the details, send out a clear and concise digital or printed save-the-date invitation with all the essential information like date, time, location, and RSVP deadline.
  • Spread the Cheer: Promote the party on your company’s internal communication channels to generate excitement. Tease some of the planned activities or decorations to pique everyone’s interest.
  • Post-Party Appreciation: After the party, send a thank-you note to all attendees and express appreciation for their participation. You can also share photos from the event to create lasting memories.


A Festive Finale: Hosting a Corporate Holiday Party at the Utah Valley Convention Center

The Utah Valley Convention Center, located in Provo, Utah, can be your one-stop shop for hosting an unforgettable corporate holiday party. Their spacious and versatile event areas can comfortably accommodate large guest lists, while their experienced staff will handle all the logistical details, allowing you to focus on creating a memorable experience for your team. Imagine a festive wonderland bathed in twinkling lights, with delicious food stations lining the halls and a live band setting the mood for a night of laughter and merriment. The breathtaking mountain views surrounding the venue add a touch of magic to the occasion. With its state-of-the-art amenities and commitment to exceptional service, the Utah Valley Convention Center can transform your vision into a reality, ensuring your corporate holiday party becomes the highlight of the year for your employees.

So, grab your Santa hat, unleash your creative spirit, and get ready to throw a corporate holiday party that will be the talk of the town (or office)! With careful planning, a festive atmosphere, and thoughtful touches, you can create an event that strengthens team bonds, fosters goodwill, and leaves your colleagues feeling cherished and appreciated.


Planning a corporate holiday party requires effort, but the rewards are plentiful. A well-executed event fosters camaraderie, boosts morale, and shows employees their contributions are valued. By following the steps outlined in this guide and considering the unique needs of your company and employees, you can host a memorable celebration that everyone will enjoy.

For companies located in Utah County, the Utah Valley Convention Center presents a fantastic venue option. Their spacious halls, modern amenities, and central location make it an ideal space to host a festive and unforgettable corporate holiday party.

Remember, the holiday season is a time for giving back. Consider incorporating a charitable element into your party, allowing your team to celebrate while also supporting a worthy cause.

By planning ahead, fostering inclusivity, and prioritizing fun, you can ensure your corporate holiday party creates lasting memories and strengthens the bonds within your team. So, get creative, embrace the festive spirit, and prepare to celebrate the season with your colleagues!

Bonus Tip:

Incorporate a feedback mechanism into your post-party communication. Ask attendees for their suggestions on what they enjoyed most and what could be improved for future events. This valuable feedback will help you continuously improve your corporate holiday party planning and ensure each year’s celebration is even better than the last.

By following these steps and embracing the spirit of the season, you can turn your corporate holiday party into a cherished tradition that strengthens team bonds and fosters a positive and productive work environment throughout the coming year. Happy Holidays!